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 creatures / abilities
 Posted: May 14 2016, 10:55 AM

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A short description is added with each type; I'm pretty sure I've got them all listed but if I've forgotten one I do apologize in advance. =]

*NOTE: Creatures listed are normally playable ones that share human traits; these are not all of them obviously.


    No longer considered human from the time bitten, werewolves are most unusual because they're only in true forum when the full moon rises. Otherwise they're just average people - though shunned by the wizarding community of the disease they hold. It contaminates another through a bite, and the lycanthrope cannot control or remember what they do unless having chosen to give up fight for their mind. There is no cure of the disease that has been found, subjecting the victim to the painful reshaping of their bone structure twice a month for the rest of their lives.
- Remus Lupin
- Fenrir Greyback

    Blood-sucking creatures of the night, vampires are not dead, but considered undead. They are physically dead, drained of blood from the vampire that bit them; yet they have a soul, walking the earth by night and living off the blood of humans and animals alike. If they do not drink blood, they will - quite simply - go into a state of hibernation until suck time that they do. Also considered inhuman. Not all wear black, but none can step out in sunlight or be touched with silver.

    A wizard or witch born with the ability to change their appearance at will with some concentration. They are very rare, and you must be born into the ability - it cannot be taught. They can take any human form they desire, able to change their sex, race, or age with ease. Unlike Animagi, they have control over their partial transformations, able to focus the energy into one particular section of the body to change at their own pleasure.
- Nymphadora Tonks

    A wizard or witch that elects to trun into an animal at their own will. The animal they turn into is not of their choosing, but a mirror of their personality put into the animal that suits them the most, save for a few markings that stay both as human and animal that distinguish them. There is no half change to it, you either turn completely or you're completely human. This spell is extremely complex and difficult with many tricks and turns that not even some adults can manage. You must be registered and watched by the Ministry to do this legally.
- Minerva McGonagall [Tabby Cat] - Registered
- Peter Pettigrew [Rat] - Illegal
- Sirius Black [Black Dog] - Illegal
- James Potter [Large Stag] - Illegal

    Stunningly beautiful and captivating women and men, Veela charm the opposite sex, usually without meaning to. Others are put into a trance when said veela sings or dances, and loose moral sight when this happens, only focusing on the one[s] doing the action. When angered, they can turn into hideous bird-like creatures, throwing fireballs from their hands. Only pure veela are able to do this.
- Fleur Delacour [quarter]
- Gabrielle Delacour [quarter]

    Hardworking and clever creatures, Goblins run the Gringotts bank in Diagon Alley. They are described in having large heads, thin fingers and feet as well as black eyes. Their outlook on ownership is rather different then that of humans; anything that is made belongs rightfully to the person that made it. Many if not all strongly resent the keeping of 'their' property in wizarding bloodlines, feeling as though the family has merely rented their property. They prefer to be neutral about the war, calling it "A wizard's war" instead.
- Bogrod
- Ragnok
- Gornuk
- Griphook

    Beings that eat children and have the ability to glide. They resemble trolls in a way, and are fairly difficult to pick out of a wizarding crowd, occasionally stopping into Hogsmeade though it's unclear what their motives are for doing so.

    A creature tinged green and built like a skeleton, Banshees are usually signs of death. When someone in a household is about to die, occasionally a Banshee will appear and scream, a horribly bloodcurling wail that most can't stand to hear. When several gather to scream or sing, it usually signals the birth of someone great or Holy.

    The imprint of a departed soul left on earth, ghosts are people who were afraid of death and chose to stay behind, becoming only a pearescent and obviously translucent figure that is bound to the earth forever, never to rest until the end of time. Many regret the decision they made, but are unable to change it. Said ghost can communicate with the living, but cannot eat, drink, or anything most can. They have the ability to go through solid objects. When gone through a human, the human will feel an icy cold sensation that's rather unpleasant.
- Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington / Nearly Headless Nick
- The Bloody Baron
- The Fat Friar
- Helena Ravenclaw / The Grey Lady
- Peeves
- Moaning Myrtle
- Cuthbert Binns

    Body of a horse and torso of a human. Centaurs are semi-wild creatures with an average human intelligence. They prefer to remain entirely pulled from human affairs, and can easily be offended by thinking anything else. Fierce and proud, they carry only bows and arrows; known for studying the stars.
- Firenze
- Bane
- Magorian


    An advanced form of magic used to break in and invade the thoughts and dreams of others at any given moment. Not many hold this ability, and it is a particularly dangerous one. Flashes of memories, thoughts, people, anything could be found out this way without Occlumens.
- Severus Snape
- Tom Riddle / Voldemort

    The only way to block Legimens. A particularly daunting task if you are not practiced in the skill, it will quickly burn energy and render the holder weaker than before if incorrectly preformed. Designed to act as a shield for the mind, many cannot do it.
- Harry Potter
- Tom Riddle / Voldemort
- Severus Snape
- Alecto Carrow

Wandless Magic:
    A very rare skill normally controlled by Adults. It is the ability to preform feats of magic without the use of a wand, whether in short bursts or in long periods. Many can do this, but very few can control when and how it happens, and in this it's thought of as a talent. It's a considered a mark of a powerful wizard or witch.
- Tom Riddle
- Remus Lupin
- Minerva McGonagall

    An uncommon trait passed through generations. The one in question is able to catch brief glances into the future, however it is not at will. Many times they won't even remember it happened; changing into a trance-like state moments beforehand.
- Sybill Trelawney

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