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May 6 2016, 12:17 PM
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The Rules


  The first account you should make when registering is your OOC account. On KYWS we use the sub-account feature so that awards can be granted accordingly. Once you have created your sub-account, please log out and register your character account with the username as your character’s FIRST and LAST name. To link these two accounts, please go under the OOC account, go to “My Controls” and select “Edit sub-accounts”. Once your accounts are linked, you can pots in-character without ever logging out of your OOC account
  If it takes longer than 3 days for you to finish your application, please post your unfinished application here so that we know you’re not a ghost member. If your application isn’t finished within a week, an admin will get in contact with you to see if you’re still interested.
  There is no character limit, just don't bite off more than you can chew.


  Chat speak is not acceptable in any of our IC forums. We don’t ask for perfection with your grammar, but we do expect to see that you’re at least trying
  We have a romance/sexual rating of 3. If your role-plays go beyond your characters taking off their clothing, please put a [M] tag before the topic title. If you do not tag mature threads as such, you will receive a warning.
  The following issues should be discussed with an admin before being performed to limit them from becoming excessive:

   i. Teen pregnancy
   ii. Teen marriage
   iii. Death
   iv. Major plot-changers
  We do not allow any of the following:

   i. God moding (your character is invincible)
   ii. Power playing (controlling another person’s character without their permission)
   iii. Instant hits while dueling
   iv. Mary Sues / Gary Stues (‘perfect’ people / characters with no flaws)

The exception to i, ii, and iii is when both parties consent. If permission is given, please make a note at the bottom of the post where it is used.

If any of the terms confuse you, please send an admin a personal message.


  We have monthly activity checks. If you are going to be away for a period longer than about 5 days, please post here so the staff doesn’t list your characters as inactive.
  If you fail to post in the first activity check, your character will be listed as inactive. If you fail to report by the next one, your character is deleted from the board and your application archived.


  Our canon list is extensive and is open for anyone to snag a character. We are AU so you have the freedom to change things from strictly canon and flesh characters out down a different path. To know the limitations on what can happen, please contact an admin.
  We allow our members to play characters that are a magical creature or have a special ability. Please see this thread for more information on what is permitted.
  It shouldn’t have to be stated, but please don’t bite off more than you can chew with characters. If you feel like you’re overwhelmed, please talk to an admin


  We do not allow harassment of any sort on this board. If you feel uncomfortable with something that someone is saying, please let the staff know. We have zero tolerance for any sort of hate crimes.
  Rule Here
   Respect everyone


  The size of your avatar should be 250px wide by 250 px high.
  Your signature size should not exceed 500px wide x 300px high
  Pictures in threads should not exceed 500px wide. If it is larger, please post it as a link.

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