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 Alecto M. Carrow
 Posted: Jun 10 2016, 05:10 PM

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30 years old


Death Eater
Hogwarts Staff

Alecto M. Carrow

30. professor & deputy headmistress. death eater


Unbeknownst to most, the Carrow bloodline has been muddied with unpure blood for decades. Every generation has taken great care to hide this fact however. In fact by the time Alecto and her brother, Amycus, were born even the Carrows themselves weren’t sure of their own heritage. Like many pureblood families, the twins were raised with the knowledge of magic. So, it was really no surprise to Alecto when she began to show signs of magic abilities- quickly followed by Amycus. Their Hogwarts letters came roughly a week later. The Carrow twins were sorted into Slytherin, as expected. After all, they had never been apart… and Slytherin was the only house that would please their unpleasant parents.

Alecto and Amycus have always been close, almost unnaturally so. It wasn’t until about their fourth year however that the rumors began. Whispers of inappropriate feelings, questionable touches, knowing glances- the accusations were untrue, but easily understandable as to why they were spoken. Where Amycus held more malevolence, Alecto held more deviance. It was in her annoyance at her peers that Alecto began to dabble in the Dark Arts. A quick but purposeful curse to a mouthy Gryffindor silenced the unholy rumors. At least from ever reaching either of the Carrows ears again. It was this show of power that caught the attention of a few particular housemates with a particular mark.


There was no love lost when their parents were killed. In fact, Alecto even suspected that Amycus may have had something to do with it. He had always resented their cruel punishments and impossible standards. However, Alecto found that she too had a knack for Torture. Perhaps it ran in the family? Then there was the group that called themselves ‘Death Eaters’, and the Dark Lord they followed. Alecto was easily seduced by him as he played on her fears of muggles, suppression, and loss of control. While Alecto could never rise in ranks to Bellatrix Lestrange position- she did become one of the very few female Death Eaters. A valued one at that. She was assigned, of course, torture and interrogations on the Dark Lords behalf. It had stunned Alecto when she received that news of the Dark Lords demise. A baby? A mere infant had destroyed the great Wizard she had devoted her life to? It was then that the seed of doubt was planted.


Alecto spent the few years in a grey colored limbo. After losing faith in the Dark Lord she found her interest in her peers lacking as well. She begun to isolate herself, and started working for the Ministry as a hitwitch. Alecto of course still played loyal to the inner circle and never allowed her loyalty to be questioned. By this time Amycus had married and had twin girls, Hestia and Flora Carrow. It was obvious that the original Carrow twins had started a new life. This life was shattered in an instant when one day Alecto’s mark burned for the first time in thirteen years. The Dark Lord had returned.

Alecto and Amycus were summoned to a churchyard in Little Hangleton’s that night. There she had witness the Dark Lord’s rise again and the near death of Harry Potter, not to mention the actual death of Cedric Diggory. Alecto found herself becoming bitter after that day. She was torn between thoughts like ‘Why couldn’t the boy defeat the Dark Lord for good?’ and ‘How could the Dark Lord be so weak as to be defeated by a mere boy’. It was maddening. Her only comfort was returning to her old position as the Dark Lord’s torturer- as it allowed her to release some of her anger and spite.


As the Dark Lord fought to regain power, he grew more spiteful and impatient. Every Death Eater, including her, suffered under his erratic behaviors. Where once there had once been order, unity, and a bigger purpose. Now was thrown into chaos and uncertainly by his pure obsession with Harry Potter. Alecto was happy to volunteer when the plan to enter Hogwarts was hatched. If either the boy or the Dark Lord wouldn’t end one another, then perhaps she could end one of them for all their sakes. Needless to say, it hadn’t worked out that way.

They had found their way into the castle through Draco Malfoy. Albus Dumbledore was killed. Harry potter had even chased after them- much to Alectos delight. She had thrown a fatal curse his way, but was blocked by none other than Severus Snape. Alecto had raised her wand to strike again when Snape snarled that the boy was for the Dark Lord. Afterwards she had expected to have been severely punished, even killed. Yet the Dark Lord seemed to be unaware of her attempts. Alecto knew that Amycus would never betray her to the Dark lord…but Snape? Perhaps he hadn’t really seen who attacked the boy.

When Severus Snape was assigned to be Headmaster, it was no surprised that Death Eaters were then also assigned to the school. What did surprise Alecto was that she and her brother were among them. She had never been fond of children- with the exception of her nieces who she had never been close with. Alecto suspected it was a play to control the wizarding families. This suspicion only heightened when she began to receive orders to punish students for the crimes of their parents. She was given the position as the Muggle Studies Professor, much to her horror, and Deputy Headmistress. The second title was given, Alecto was sure, so that she was in a position to punish staff as well as students. And she does, with a jaded and bitter disposition.

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 Posted: Jun 11 2016, 09:31 AM

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