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 Rosier, Alyse, 35 / Death Eater / Marina Diamandis
Alyse Rosier
 Posted: Jan 6 2018, 07:16 PM
Alyse Rosier
Death Eater
"He used to call me DN that stood for Deadly Nightshade 'cause I was filled with poison but blessed with beauty and rage"
35 years old
Slytherin / Death Eater
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thirty-five. death eater.

Alyse Rosier

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death eater

Alyse Parkinson grew up within a very unloving household, her mother was in a loveless marriage with her father and Alyse was the only happiness she had gotten out of their union, she was her pride and joy and Mrs Parkinson hoped she didn't have to endure the life she had, though that was a wish Mrs Parkinson was not granted, Alyse was arranged to be married to the eldest Rosier child as soon as she became eighteen.

Alyse had learnt from a young age she wasn't as treasured by her father as she was her mother, Mrs Parkinson would teach her daughter to read and write, along with having tea parties with the child while Mr Parkinson would belittle this behaviour and claim they were ruining their child's perceptions of the world - that she should not expect everything to be sunshine and rainbows, that she should realise that the world wasn't safe and that she had to be tough to survive the world.

Seven years after her birth, Alyse was gifted with a younger sister, someone who she was not close to, Alyse resented the fact that her younger sister could marry who she wanted while Alyse was told from a young age that she must marry a man who she loved, it was tradition to arrange at least one marriage in their household and that the eldest child had the most responsibility. Mr Parkinson much preferred the second child to Alyse, he would push her to the side to spend time with her little sister, something which Alyse resented, though she wouldn't have her mother for much longer either - she had succumbed to Dragon Pox, leaving Alyse along with a father who had never particularly wanted her and a sister who she had never bonded with.

School was average for Alyse, she was sorted into Slytherin and had put all her effort in to impress her father, however, that never happened, he was never happy with anything she did - she could always be better in his eyes, she could pretend she was docile and didn't have any common sense - like her sister, though her sister was an innocent soul, sorted into Ravenclaw in Alyse's last year at Hogwarts.

The year after Alyse had finished Hogwarts she was married, at first she was unsure what was expected of her, her father told her to be a good wife and that was it, her mother was never there to teach her and her step mother disliked her, though that was no surprise, she hadn't liked her sister either. Alyse was married on her eighteenth birthday, the 18th of June, it was a fairly nice wedding, nothing was special about it, it was like every other wedding she had attended, though her husband didn't seem as bad as she had pictured, he wasn't too old, some of her friends had been married off to men twice their age.

Ten months later Alyse had given birth to her first child, a boy who was the most beautiful thing Alyse had seen, over the ten months of marriage, Alyse began to fall in love with her husband, something which she had never expected, to feel the love that radiated off of him towards her and her son was something special to her, she finally felt like she had a family.

Two years later Alyse had given birth to a girl, in this year her husband had lost his brother and were under investigation by the ministry for crimes against muggles - though nothing came from this. Both were equally great parents though Alyse often struggled trying to have a work and home life balance which lead her to leave her job working for the ministry.

The Rosier's life was quite simple until 1995, the Dark Lord had came back, prompting Alyse and her husband to begin following him in the footsteps of their parents, though had no intention of offering their children to the cause if that was not something they wanted, though continued to follow him and make sure to not draw attention to themselves.

Somewhere between 1996 and 1997 Alyse had began working at the Ministry again while her children were off at Hogwarts, though she had not worked for such a long time it was somewhat easier to get a job than what it once had.

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 Posted: Jan 7 2018, 11:54 PM
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