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Current Setting: July 1997, Weather: Warm, Rainy

Be sure to read the new Update, it has important plot and timeline information!

The Activity Check for March is due by 3/21/18! Be sure to post there!

Welcome Xii and Sev to the staff!

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Census Info will be updated after the activity check closes!

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Thaor Head Admin 9-December 17 385
Severus Snape Hogwarts Staff 21-December 17 126
Admin Head Admin 6-May 16 116
Annabelle Bane Neutral Adult 22-December 17 33
Frank Goodfellow Hogwarts Staff 15-January 18 32
Theodore Nott Slytherin 20-December 17 26
Arsinoe Sanderson Ravenclaw 21-December 17 21
Lir Isherwood Order Member 31-December 17 18
Remus Lupin Order Member 22-May 16 18
Xiii Admin 21-December 17 16
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