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 I see ..... Erm.... Tea in your future., Trelawny's Class (Open)
-Bonifyna Scamander-
 Posted: Dec 22 2017, 09:43 PM
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Time frame: Harry Potter & The Order of the Pheonix - Day One:

It was nothing particularly new, Boni reminded herself as she looked over the fresh parchment paper from Hell that very formally provided her with her new class schedule. 3rd year didn't look too different from 2nd year, most of her teachers were even in the same, it was just a few new editions that looked more fun then intimidating but promised an equally sufficient amount of homework in comparison to the year before....

"Damn it," Boni muttered as she pulled her eyes from the list and fixed them on the hall ahead. "240 days beginning.... Now," she said to the fairly empty hall as she clicked down on her watch at the same time she took a step in the direction of one of her new classes. Her watch didn't really require her to click on it, it wasn't electric like her favored 'Weird Sisters' one that she had been forced to leave at home. Old habits just die hard. Speaking of old, Boni glared down at the ancient time piece on her wrist, she could swear her newest parting gift was a family heir loom. Such a pity, if she had it her way she would be hawking it off the astronomy tower that evening then joking with the Weasley Twins that that was one way to make time fly. It was too bad that her time assumptions were always off and she needed the ticking wrist piece if she had any hoping of surviving the term.

Once more going back to fixing her schedule to memory, Boni crossed the hall with a little strut as she tried to balance her way on all the cracks in the floor without missing a single word. It was quite a feat but she managed to move along nicely until the floor in front of her turned into the long winding stairs of the tower. "Bugger," she sighed, as she turned to look side ways at the only other figure in the hall. "Its like they want us to walk our Butt hocks off our something. No brooms in the hallway my arse right?"
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