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 It's just another graceless night, Juni / Pan
Susan Bones
 Posted: Jan 4 2018, 07:26 PM
"I was pulling out my hair the day I got the deal chemically calm Was I meant to feel happy that my life was just about to change?"
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It's just another graceless night

Susan had loved Hogwarts much more during her first few years at Hogwarts, there was less homework, less stress and less detentions for Susan, her father had constantly been complaining about this to her, claiming she was going through a rebellious faze - like she hadn't ready when she joined the D.A, her father really had no clue about Susan's life, he thought she was an angel and her mother hadn't contacted her since the summer - she liked to keep her distance from all things magical, knowing how different the wizarding community was at that moment.

She had tried to stay out of trouble but it came to easily for her, she back-chatted one too many times and questioned the authority of the people in charge and that didn't bode too well for her, which lead to her leaving her last class to her common room as quickly as she could. Today wasn't as bad - Susan couldn't be bothered to the the menace of a society she didn't believe in, all she wanted to do was lay in bed for a weak and pretend she was happy.

Upon entering the Common Room, Susan noticed one of her friends - Juni who seemed to be struggling with how the school was running just as much as her, and also had a disliking for death eaters which they both shared.

"Hey, Juni, how has your day been? I think I'm cracking under the pressure of upcoming exams." Spoke Susan, taking a seat on the nearest coach and leaving her school supplies on a pile next to her on the floor.

@Juni Krause!
If they keep tellin' me where to go I'll blow my brains out to the radio, oh



Juni Krause
 Posted: Jan 11 2018, 01:09 PM
17 years old
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it's just another graceless night
There was nothing quite like the unbroken silence of the common room on nights like tonight, when her head was full of questions and her brow furrowed over homework. Like the years before this one, Juni had spent most of her time poring over her classwork instead of attempting to make friends, but there had been some small instances that the gods had graced her with the ability to find... Someone. Almost like a whisper from the heavens the girl took the empty seat next to her, plopping her own bags down quite unceremoniously on the floor.

It would have been rude if it wasn't so amusing.

Susan was everything that Juni had been cautioned not to be - she was passionate in her beliefs and quite outspoken again the Death Eaters and their rule. Juni had been a quiet observer as Susan's sense of morality had gotten her countless detentions and useless arguments. She admired her, she truly did, but Juni herself would never take up a flag like that. Neutrality was safety. Anonymity was crucial.

"My day has been... Quiet." She answered softly, offering the girl a gentle smile that went most often with her timid nature. Her eyes moved to the pile of books, "I was paired with Theodore Nott for astronomy." The sentence was out of place, but it was obvious she was nervous about the situation. It wasn't a secret she didn't mix well with the Slytherins, as most of the Hufflepuffs seemed not to. Juni herself was seen often as a blood traitor, though worse than that she was an easy punching bag. She wouldn't defend herself until it was nearly too late and her quiet acceptance of any treatment had been noted by those with malicious intent. "We could trade places." She joked finally, cracking a wry smile.
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